Vacuum formed plastic solutions in wind turbines

Parts in wind turbines are increasingly formed in plastics, for example covering and protective solutions, air intake, access doors, hatches and spillage trays for collecting oil leakages. These parts were traditionally made of other materials like glass fiber or metal, but vacuum formed plastic has clearly proven to be a better choice. The material fully meets the high demands for structural strength, the processing time is typically shorter, and the lighter weight makes the items easier to handle and cheaper to transport.

Low start-up costs for tools, short processing time and low material costs also make vacuum formed plastic the optimal solution from an overall economic point of view.

Close partnership gives the best solutions

The plastic solutions for the wind turbines are a result of a close partnership with the wind turbine manufacturer. This always gives the best results. The wind turbine manufacturer develops and defines clear specification requirements to the items. Gibo makes available all their technical, design and practical competences. We work closely together to find the best possible solution in terms of form, function and quality when new plastic items are developed and produced for the windmills.