VELUX skylight domes

VELUX Group has chosen Gibo A/S as supplier of vacuum moulded domes for VELUX skylight domes for flat roofs. Skylight domes for flat roofs must be shaped so that water and snow easily run off. For that reason alone, vacuum formed plastic is an obvious solution as it can be designed and moulded in any shape you like. The material has great insulation properties, it is high impact resistant, durable and can be moulded in a uniform, clear quality which provides a good inflow of light.

Good dialogue ensures optimal solutions

When VELUX Group defines requirements and specifications for the domes, they have optimization of the customer’s overall experience in mind, but they also focus on logistics. Transport, stacking and storage must function optimally. Gibo offers suggestions for optimizing design and production based on more than 20 years’ experience with vacuum molded plastic solutions. Monthly evalution meetings help secure a good and open dialogue, always with the objective of reaching the best solution – uniform high quality.