EGO cabin From Cargotec

Cargotec has developed an innovative and unique cabin concept for their forklifts: EGO Cabin. One basic solution that can be “dressed up” and adapted to different forklifts and individual needs for designing the driver’s seat. Common to all cabin solutions is optimal protection and a perfect work environment for the forklift driver.

Cargotec has chosen Gibo as partner in plastic covering for the cabins. From covering of bars and roof, instrument panel and lists to exterior covering etc. – all in all more than 35 different plastic items. In cases like this with many different items, but in limited quantities, vacuum formed plastic is an effective and competitive solution, among other things because of low start-up costs for tools. It is also a flexible and comfortable material which allows attractive and high quality finish.

Emphasis on cooperation and process control

Cargotec develops the design of the items, but appreciates a supplier who can be a sparring partner, who can help optimize the design and ensure effective, uniform solutions which lives up to Cargotec’s high quality demands. Gibo’s great experience from the automotive industry and with control of processes with multiple items in different versions, make us such a partner and at the same time we can ensure precise measurements and uniform products of high quality every time.