Windhood: Gibo Plast & TPI Polytechniek

21. December 2020

Gibo’s use of recycled plastic for the Dutch company TPI Polytechniek is a great example of how sustainability, durability and cost effectiveness are coming together in one product and vacuum formed plastic products being the obvious choice.

TPI Polytechniek develop and sell components for animal housing ventilation and is cooperating with Gibo Plast for the “Windhood”, which is used to protect the housing climate in chicken and pig barns.




The product is produced from multilayered plastic material. The outer skin (10% of the total thickness) of the material is new and resilient towards all kinds of weather conditions.

The remaining 90% of the material is recycled ABS (rABS) providing the stiffness and strength. Combined it makes the Windhood competitive in price and can last for many years, where the major part of the raw material comes from recycled materials.




When the ventilation system is to be renewed after years of use, the windhood can easily be grinded and used in new Windhoods or other plastic products.

This reduces the global demand of new plastics and reduces the CO2 emissions in a simple way.

At Gibo Plast we focus on incorporating recycled plastic into most of new and existing products and we highly recommend everyone doing the same. Recycled plastic is an obvious resource in many products – also “long life” products, with high functional demands.