Project Process

At Gibo, we are convinced that successful cooperation in the development phase is crucial for creating the right foundation for a new product. It is important that we start as early in the process as possible to ensure that all aspects are illuminated and both parties can contribute with input from the very start.

We have the competences to guide simple as well as complex projects through an agreed upon process and ensure that all demands are met. We make up the link between customer, possible sub-suppliers and the tool supplier.

We appoint a project manager to run the project and work with a project team to solve the assignment. The project and all aspects are scrutinized and discussed, solutions are suggested, and a basis for assessment is formed. After the scrutiny, the customer is informed about the further process. Subsequently, quotations on tools, fixtures, components and raw material are obtained and a quotation or budget price can be worked out for the customer.

After acceptance, the project is launched, and the customer is informed about the status on a continuous basis. A time schedule is prepared, and the project is up and running. Once the customer has approved the initial samples, the project is completed, and a joint decision is made whether to put the product into serial production.