Your idea - our challenge

Gibo Plast A/S vacuum forms technical plastic items according to the highest standards on the market. This enables us to match the customers’ requirements to quality, functionality, design, economy and environment.

Vacuum forming and plastic require experience and knowledge. Gibo Plast puts the most competent and most experienced experts in the area at your disposal. We offer advice and guidance on materials, production methods, prototypes and tool making. We are happy to join your development team to find the best overall solution. We believe that we create the best results by participating from idea to end product.

Vacuum formed items can be manufactured from selected plastic materials in all colours and countless surface structures and technical properties to make the items heat, water, wind, weather and shock resistant. In other words, we can deliver fire and chemical resistant, electrically conductive and chill and shock proof items.

We can mould in difficult materials and have great experience with forming transparent items, which we can form with protective sheeting on both sides in a dustfree environment to produce crystal clear items.

It is often an advantage to use plastic instead of materials like glass fibre, wood and metals. Plastic is lighter, easier to form and the total costs are often lower.

We demand a lot from ourselves and are not satisfied until we have reached the best possible result in terms of finish, reproducibility and short cycle time. We work primarily with moulded and milled aluminium tools with built-in cooling, but we also have other tool solutions to jobs in smaller batch sizes.

Our versatile production equipment gives us a high degree of flexibility. The fact that even small items can be formed on large machines increases our ability to supply significantly as we can exploit our equipment optimally depending on demand.

As a make to order subsupplier we work with customer-owned tools. We are usually responsible for purchasing and controlling tool making for our customers. This gives you security and you do not have to worry about the coordination process, quality, deadlines etc.